#Adventuress Twitter Travel Chat


I'm starting a Twitter chat!  (If you're not on Twitter and you just said "huh?" keep reading....)

One of my favorite things about joining Twitter has been participating in chats on various travel topics. Not only have I gotten to know a lot of amazing travelers, bloggers and members of the travel industry, I have learned so much more about traveling our world.  I have also won some fantastic prizes in chat giveaways:  a $500 Expedia coupon from #ExpediaChat (Wednesdays at 1:30 pm EST) and a $100 Visa gift card from the #TravelSkills chat (Fridays at 12:00 pm EST)!

The topic of my weekly Twitter chat will be the Adventuress Travel Chat, using the hashtag #Adventuress.  Every Thursday from 11-11:30 am EST/8-8:30 am PST, we will cover a different aspect of women's travel.  Don't worry if you aren't an adrenaline junkie (I'm not!) - the word adventure covers all types of travel, even spa and shopping!  And don't worry if you aren't a woman either - we always like to have the male perspective.

Let's say you aren't on Twitter and have no idea the purpose of a hashtag but still want to participate in the #Adventuress travel chat.  Register for an account on Twitter and pick a "handle" or name.  (My Twitter handle is @msadventuress.)  Once you are registered, it's easy to join in a chat.  At the appointed time (30 minutes every Thursday starting at 11 am EST/8 am PST), visit @msadventuress Twitter page and/or type #Adventuress (don't forget the extra "s"!) in the Twitter search box.  You will then see all the tweets involved in the chat because they add the hashtag #Adventuress to their tweet.

As the host of the chat, I will ask questions that are labeled Q1, Q2, Q3, etc.  Answer each question by beginning with the corresponding question/answer number - A1, A2, A3, etc.  Then type your answer and add #Adventuress to the end of the answer.  Here's an example:

@msadventuress:     Q1 What is your favorite island in the world and why? #Adventuress

@yourcleverhandle:  A1  I love Maui.  Best surfing ever! #Adventuress

In addition to talking all kinds of travel topics, I will occasionally have some fun co-hosts join me. Not to mention there will be some pretty cool giveaways.... you must follow @msadventuress (and any co-hosts that week) and participate in the chat to be eligible.

See you on Thursday, March 6th for the first #Adventuress Travel Chat!